Brantley Gilbert may be known for his sleeves of tattoos, metal accessories and country-rock music, but if there’s one thing that can melt his heart, it’s his sweet and smart 3-year-old daughter, Braylen Hendrix.

“My daughter’s something else. She will probably run a very large criminal organization in kindergarten,” Gilbert quips to the press. “But all jokes aside, she does have a sweet little heart, and she’s got me wrapped around that little finger. But she also knows that, so occasionally she’ll, ‘Daddy, will you play with me?’ And, of course, I’ll do whatever she sits me down and wants to do.”

Fortunately, for the 37-year-old, no manicure session has been carried out on him by his precious daughter — yet.

“She hasn’t tried to paint my nails or anything yet, but I’d probably have a hard time sayin’ no to just about anything to her,” he admits. “Gettin’ a yes out of me, I don’t think is gonna be a very big issue for her in her life, it doesn’t seem like.”

When Gilbert is not home being a family man to his daughter, 5-year-old son Barrett Hardy-Clay, and wife Amber, he’s busy out on the road with rock group Five Finger Death Punch. The tour, which kicked off earlier this month in Grand Rapids, Minn., will conclude on December 17 in Las Vegas.

Gilbert is also promoting his latest album, So Help Me God, which dropped on November 10. The 10-song project includes his several collaborations, including “Rolex on a Redneck” with Jason Aldean, “Son of the Dirty South” with Jelly Roll, and the new powerful Blake Shelton and Vince Gill-assisted single, “Heaven by Then.”

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