Just in time for the holidays, Shania Twain is revisiting her classic Come on Over album from 1997, and repackaging the original track list with some live superstar duets.

According to People, a new deluxe edition of Come on Over expands the track list to include some duet versions of its songs that she has performed live over the past few years. One of those dates back to 1999: It's a live performance of "You're Still the One" that Twain gave in Miami from superstar pop duet partner Elton John.

Also included on the deluxe project is a 2017 duet with Nick Jonas on "Party For Two," plus another reinterpretation of "You're Still the One," this time featuring Chris Martin. The latter duet was recorded earlier in 2022 in Las Vegas.

The third album of Twain's career, Come on Over was a cornerstone release for the country singer, and propelled her to superstardom with an incredible 12 hit singles off a 16-song track list, and became one of the highest-selling albums by a female artist of all time, from any genre.

The new deluxe version comes as part of Apple Music's From Apple Music With Love holiday countdown series, which features a daily roll-out of new and revamped live recordings, holiday albums, mixes and more between November 25-30.

Twain celebrated the 25th anniversary of Come on Over's release in 2022, and she's also got big plans to release new music in the months ahead. Queen of Me -- the singer's first full-length album since 2017 -- is slated to come out in early February, and she's pairing it with a massive, international 2023 tour.

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