What does every guy do when he gets new speakers? Tests them with TOP GUN! I did a lot of online research and if you did too, then maybe this will help you choose between the Bose Soundlink and the JBL Charge 3, the two I found to be the most highly rated in the same price range.

I'm a Bose fan. They have provided me with radio music and TV sound for over 20 years. So I'm leaning toward Bose as I walk into the store. But there's one thing, and really one thing only that made me buy the JBL for $20 more (Bose Soundlink $129, JBL Charge 3 $149).

They both sound GREAT. But the Bose Soundlink sounds best when you're right in front of it. All that beautiful bass and crystal clear highs from that little speaker is tremendous! But if you step off to the left or right, you miss the full sound.

The JBL Charge 3 has bass coming out of both ends of its tubular shape. So as I'm milling around the kitchen, fussing with a new BBQ sauce recipe, I'll get the same thump as I move from one part of the kitchen to the next.

The Charge 3 also has 20 hours of play time vs. Bose 8 hours, and is waterproof while the Bose is water resistant. But I love the rugged exterior of the Bose. The Charge 3 also acts as a power bank for your cell phone, hence the name. I got the grey, it also comes in black.

Steve Woods/TSM
Steve Woods/TSM

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