The Oscar nominations are out! And as I scrolled through them this morning, I realized I really haven't seen any of the films nominated for Best Picture. Maybe it's just me, and the movies I saw this year weren't in the Oscar ranking (except for maybe sound, editing, and/or costumes), but for some reason I didn't get to the theater this very much this year. Maybe it was the election, maybe I had other things going on, or maybe most of the Oscar films weren't showing in the Tri-Cities. Of the list of nominees for Best Picture:

I've seen ZERO! The good news is several are playing in theaters in the Tri-Cities, so if you (like me) want to catch a few before the awards we can! And here's the full list of Academy Award nominees. The awards are on Feb 26th, on ABC, and to see where some of the films are playing, scroll down!

  • Manchester by the Sea - Carmike 12
  • Hidden Figures - Regal 8 and Fairchild Queensgate 12
  • La La Land - Regal 8



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