We see those red and blue lights and we automatically pull over but according to Mattawa Police, a mustang in the area is illegally using red and blue flashing lights.

According to the Mattawa Police Department on their Facebook page, they are warning drivers that the mustang is not a police car.

Apparently complaints from citizens about a grey/black convertible Mustang with red/blue flashing lights making people move over. The police have been told the car has been turning on the lights and making people pull over. One citizen told the police that they saw the car pulling someone over.

Mattawa Police are reminding drivers to be vigilant and this happens to you, please call 911 and report it immediately.

Police also say If this car tries to pull you over, call 911, and do not stop for it. When you see blue/red lights behind you and are unsure it is a police car, call 911 and drive to a well-lit public place. If it is a police car, 911 will be able to confirm that to you.

Let's be safe out there and drive careful and be vigilant.


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