There's no excuse for doing this, you might possibly expect it from a teenager...but a 36-year-old woman?

Police in Masillon, Ohio recently arrested Seloni Khetarpahl after she called 911. The reason she called was because her parents had cut off her cellphone service, which apparently they were paying for.  Why they cut it off is not known.

She called emergency services to complain and an officer got back to her, notifying her 911 and such calls are only for emergency purposes. But then she called back two hours later, made the same complaint and according to jail records, became "belligerent" about the matter.

She's been charged with disruption of police services, which in that area is considered a Fourth Degree Felony.

According to sources, there's no listing of any jailhouse public  attorney who's willing to represent her. Go figure! Looking at her mug shot, you can draw your own conclusions.

She called 911 after mom-dad canned her cell service

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