According to the Coffee Statistics Report, Americans drink more than 146 billion cups of the stuff every year and its a daily "must-have" for more than 50% of the nation. Not everyone can make the best coffee, and it all comes down to preference on who really has the best cup of joe...but here are our fave five places to get your java fix in the Tri-Cities.

5 - Town Square Media OfficeS

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but...toot toot. Thanks to Treasure Valley Coffee, we have some delicious coffee in our very own building. Chuck Hall had it down to a science when he was running the KORD Waking Crew each morning, now Bear has taken over with the aptly named "Morning Brew" each weekday. So, a big thanks to Treasure Valley Coffee for supplying some delicious coffee for our staff!

Of course they are nationally known for their amazing potato donuts, but you also have to check out their freshly brewed coffee. It's the oldest coffee shop in the city of Richland, and probably in the Tri-Cities. Stop in and enjoy a hot, fresh Spudnut and a cup of joe!

As cliche as it may be, Starbucks is by far the most well known coffee stop in the nation and the Tri-Cities definitely has its share of Starbucks. With nearly a dozen Starbucks in the Tri-Cities area, you are never too far away to enjoy some of the best coffee around...not to mention all the other goodies and different types of drinks you can enjoy, all in one stop: Starbucks.

You've probably seen the stickers on cars: Dutch Mafia or I <3 Dutch Bros. It's undoubtedly created a very loyal following no matter where they go. Dutch Bros. is a quick drive up that will get you back on the road in just a couple minutes and deliver you some delicious coffee without having to even get out of your car.

The Daily Grind has been serving the Tri-Cities for over a decade. Not only do they have quick drive up service, but in the summer months you can kick back and comfortably enjoy your drink inside or out on the patio. Try out all of their great drinks, but especially the coffee, you will not be disappointed!

Nikki Jeans, Grand Central Coffee Station, Heaven On The Go are also some of our favorite places to get a hot, delicious cup of coffee. Of course, it's all in your personal taste buds and everyone has their own opinion on the perfect or best cup of coffee. What is your favorite place to get your coffee fix?

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