I have always been a fan of the phenomenon that creates dust devils and tornadoes (even though the two are completely different).

Some years ago, my radio career took me to Odessa, Texas where there were tornado warnings all the time. I used to jump in my car to go get a glimpse of one and my wife thought I was crazy. I think I was a storm chaser before storm chasing was cool!

I never saw one and often had to pull a U-turn to avoid large hail. Driving between Tri-Cities and Spokane in the summer has made for some awesome dust devil watching, though.

The storm cells that came through Benton County yesterday created at least one funnel cloud and a resident sent a picture of it to a TV station. Click below to see it! I think my favorite joke from this week is:

"How is Tri-Cities like a driver that sees state patrol?"

"It drops from 95 to 55 instantly!"

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