Devastating wildfires continue to destroy parts of Southern California near Malibu and Paradise and with only 25% of the wildfires contained, Benton County is sending fire crews to help stop the fires.

Our News Partner KNDU is reporting that several Benton County fire crews are on the road to Southern California this morning.

Benton County Fire District 1 send an engine with a crew of 4 out on Friday November 9th along with engines from Walla Walla County Fire District 4 and 8. On Saturday the strike team slept at Klamath Falls then was back on the road at 7am sharp. On Sunday the teams passed under the Camp Fire smoke heading towards Sacramento. The strike team has been assigned to Woolsey fire in Ventura and LA counties. They have plans to stay in Bakersfield tonight.

The strike team from Franklin County Fire District 3 left for Chino Saturday, along with Chelan County. They will be staging there before being assigned out to the fires. The strike team from College Place has also been assigned to the Woolsey fire. They have plans to arrive tomorrow.

Umatilla's strike team is en route to Chico, CA.

Crews are likely to work a 24-hour on, 24-hour off schedule throughout the deployment.

We salute these brave crews as they engage the Southern California wildfires and hope for a safe return for all involved. You can check out more details on the story here 

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