We've all seen the videos on YouTube...morons who think they don't need to cooperate with law enforcement because they are 'sovereign citizens.'

Sovereign citizens believe they are not subject to any statutes of the United States including laws and taxation. The Benton County Sheriff's Office recently ran into one of these numbskulls who claimed that they did not need to provide a driver's license because he wasn't a driver but instead a traveler.

I think people like this should spend a few years in jail to think about the officer's time they wasted. These brave men and women place themselves in danger every day for you and me, and even idiots like this. I know that they will say this is all part of the job, but I just don't have patience for massive dingleberries who don't want to play fair.

After posting about this encounter on Facebook as you will see below, the comments completely made my day. Especially the jackwagons who tried to pull a similar thing at the Portland airport and claimed to be High Priests of Antarctica, so the rules of the TSA didn't apply to them. They got their asses escorted OUT! Now they can go be High Priests of Greyhound!

Also, you'll see in the comments there's a lot of support for backing the blue, as there should be. Nice to see decent people with some good common sense chiming in!

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