Around 4PM Sunday afternoon, Benton County Deputies were called to a home on Mayo Drive, for a report of a burglary in progress. The area is just across Highway 224 from the old Tri-City Raceway location, about two miles outside of West Richland.

Deputies didn't say if the homeowner/victim was home at the time, but the person saw the intruder via their home surveillance camera system. Officers from BCSO and West Richland Police swarmed the area and surrounded the home, and with the assistance of a K-9 Unit from Pasco PD a search was conducted, but the suspect had since left.

However, the person in question was identified using the camera images, and now the search is on. No word if anything was taken from the home during the incident. Yet another example of how having a home security and video system greatly helps law enforcement ID and capture suspects, and can often deter would-be intruders.

Years ago, a homeowner might not learn they've been broken into until they arrived home and find items tossed or missing.


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