We have a new spot to get an incredible photo in the Tri-Cities. Local artist Cameron Milton has painted a new mural in Richland. The mural is a pair of wings, and if you stand in the center and take a photo, it looks like the wings are yours! Milton got permission to paint the wings on the back of a building belonging to the Richland Players. The message? Be the angel in your community.

Milton was inspired by an artist in California who has a similar project, Global Angel Wings Project. "Angels/God works in our lives in ways we may not notice or give him credit for," says Milton. "A bad day may turn into a good day by a small act of kindness that no one receives credit for. Be that small act of kindness, be the angel."   The wings are popping up on social media with the hashtag #betheangel.

Photo by Raleigh
Photo by Raleigh

The wings can be found on the corner of Jadwin and Geo. Washington Way. Be careful and respectful when you go to take your photos. And hey, if you swing by on Friday, June 2 you'll be there for opening day of Market at the Parkway farmer's market!

To see more photos of the wings, and Cameron's art click here.

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