Bear and Mama Bear made a weekend getaway last weekend to Hood River Oregon and spent the night at the Columbia Gorge Hotel. That was cool. We also did some sightseeing and took a look at what was south of Hood River around the the towns of Parkdale and Odell. Besides super friendly people and great food we happened across this place called The WAAM Museum.

WAAM stands for Western Antique Air And Auto Museum. This is a living museum. Everything in there runs, can be ridden or flown. There is over 100,000 square feet of indoor space that features antique motorcycles, cars, and airplanes including a 1917 Jenny, a 1890's Stanley Steamer and 1918 Harley Davidson! It is an amazing collection and this museum is completely supported by donations and run by volunteers!

Check out their website and next time you take a trip down I-84 instead of passing right thru Hood River take a few minutes and come and visit the WAAM Museum

Here are a few pics I took!