If you think there is a lot of basalt visible around Eastern Washington and Oregon, you will be amazed to find out what or how much you're standing on right now!

I have always thought that basalt was just simply cool. The towers that create fountains and landscaping accents are just about everywhere in our area. And once I started learning about how it all got here, I became fascinated.

Lava flows started about 17 million years ago and cover an area from Spokane to the Oregon coast. Over several million years the flows continued and layered upon each other. Right now we are standing on basalt that is 2 miles deep!

So the next time you see a yard with some giant basalt towers or smaller landscape accents, think about the fact that it used to be flowing lava millions of years ago. (I must confess that all of the basalt landscape rocks in my yard have been picked up from the side of the road! This stuff isn't cheap if you buy it from a rock company LOL).

Here's a quick 2 minute lesson on basalt near Quincy, WA:

If you want a more in-depth lesson, Central Washington University's Nick Zentner has it for you below!

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