A missing North Franklin County woman has not yet been found, but authorities obviously believe she met with foul play after arresting one of her sons in connection with the incident.

March 28th Estela Torres Rodriguez was reported missing by family members. She apparently disappeared from a North Franklin County home and left behind suspicious circumstances. Franklin County Sheriffs' said blood in the house and other evidence have led them to believe she is dead.

So much so that one of three suspect wanted in connection with the incident has been charged with murder. Thursday Sheriff's arrested Carlos Rodriguez Torres of Richland, and his bail has been set at $1 million dollars.

Estela's estranged husband, Tiburcio Larios Rodriguez and another of her sons, Clemente Rodriguez Torres, are still missing and on the run. Officials suspect they had fled to Mexico.

Carlos Torres will be arraigned on the murder charge May 7, Monday. Authorities still have not specifically what ties him to the disappearance and likely murder of his mother.

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