Besides Badger & Candy Mountains, what are some other Tri-Cities hiking options?

I've had some time to do some research. I came across the following post on Reddit.

I love the fact that "KingCityKitty" had a lot to offer.


I am a bit delayed these days due to recent surgery and am currently in a boot brace.

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Where would you recommend I begin to start my first hike?

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Stitches just came out and I'm excited to get going! I feel so fortunate that there are so many Tri-Cities hiking trails to experience. Although, I'm a bit scared, as I don't want to re-injure my ankle. I am following the doctor's orders to keep the boot on for two more weeks. I don't know the first thing about hiking, other than shoes are important.

Do you have any tips to offer to a newbie on the trails?


I know to bring water. Other than that, what tips would you offer to help me on my first hike? I'd love to know if there are any clubs or social get-togethers to learn more about our area trails.

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Are there any walking groups I can join?

From some who really wants and needs to get moving, and has the desire to know more about this area, what can you recommend?

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