Experts say there are lots of reasons people have a bad day. It could be something simple, like hair that just won't obey curling iron and hairbrush commands, hence, a bad hair day.

It could be a fast-food order with one chicken sandwich when you ordered two, or a coffee drink that is not what you ordered. It could be just a negative attitude and nothing seems to be going your way.

One of the biggest reasons for a bad day is lack of sleep. The only thing I can figure is that this woman has not slept in days! She is suspected of doing some Christmas shopping without paying for the gifts. What a sweet woman to want to take care of her loved ones even though she can't afford it. Or maybe she's a crackhead trying to support her habit! Either way, it is well known that shoplifting and stealing, in general, are not acceptable.  Perhaps she just didn't know it was illegal to walk out without paying, but they say ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Local law enforcement was aware of her vacant vehicle and happened to spot it at Columbia Center Mall. She was inside the mall doing some "Christmas shopping," so deputies blocked her in so she couldn't flee. When she came out of the mall with her Christmas gifts (carefully selected for her loved ones), she jumped in her truck, and even though she was blocked in, she decided to slam it in reverse and back up HARD.

Smashing into cop vehicles, she just didn't care and her tires smoked up a storm! The presents she chose for Christmas gifts will be returned to the store she stole them from and it looks like her Christmas dinner might just end up being a delicious plate of jail food.

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