If someone pointed a gun in my face, I would probably do most anything my assailant ordered me to do.

Especially if I was working a fast-food job. It's a tough job, but I don't think preventing a robber from making off with some cash is worth my life. I'm sorry, I'm just thinking bigger picture. These big restaurant chains have insurance for that kind of mishap.

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That's why I admire this Jack in the Box employee from Yakima. He's got some gall of steel. A man walked in with his hands in his jacket pockets. He approached the cashier and told him that he was robbing the store. When asked to fork over the money, the cashier calmly replied: "You're not robbing sh**." When the suspect pressed, the cashier threatened to "beat [his] a**." After the cashier asked if the suspect would like to go "outside and handle this," the suspect left.

The suspect was later found. Officers asked our hero if he thought the suspect was armed, but he retorted that the assailant looked "nervous." Cold-blooded. Do not mess with this man. The only weapon found on Damian McCorkle, age 37, was a screwdriver. He was booked into jail.

Hopefully, Jack in the Box does something nice for this cashier. He's got a different chemical make-up from us.


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