Tri-Cities' own Academy of Children's Theater (ACT) has put on one incredible production after another. They are currently casting for "Akeelah and the Bee" about a young African-American girl who has an amazing talent for spelling, and works her way

Akeela and the Bee

to the National Spelling Bee! Akeela's journey from her school in Chicago to the national stage is full of heart, humor, and heroics. The play was adapted from the movie of the same title that starred Lawrence Fishburn and Angela Basset. The cast is diverse and the directors are encouraging actors (experienced or not) of all ethnic backgrounds to audition.

Auditions will be held on Dec 11 & 12! You'll need to prepare a 1 min monologue for the audition, and contact ACT at 943-6027 to set up an audition time. The show will be presented from Feb 16-25. Check out the full cast list below and if you decide to audition, break a leg!

Akeelah11African-American; Has a crazy passion for words. Lives a challenging daily life in a tough, Chicago neighborhood, but still earns a spot in the National Spelling Bee. Courageous and tenacious.
Gail??African-American; Akeelah’s mom; Nurse; Single parent
Reggie16-18African-American; Akeelah’s brother; Dresses thuggish; Struggles with making good/bad choices
Georgia11/12African-American; Akeelah’s best friend; Artistic sense of style
Batty Ruth70’sAfrican-American; Grandmotherly; Enjoys church choir
Drunk Willie70’sAfrican-American; Super of the building; Alcoholic
J.T.20’sTatted and buff; Bad influence on Reggie
Izzy11Terrified of own shadow; Quiet
Principal??Principal of Southside; Encourages Akeelah
Ratchet Rhonda ______13Schoolmate; Mean girl
Chucky12Schoolmate; Class clown
Dr. Larabee50’sAfrican-American; Distinguished and articulate
Dylan Chiu12Asian; Arrogant; Speaks French
Dylan’s Dad??Asian; Sever-looking
Javier12Latino; Preppy style; Gregarious (sociable)
Trish12Friendly; Supportive
Snorting GirlN/ASpelling quirk = snorts like a pig
Horse GirlN/ASpelling quirk = neighs like a horse
Mohawk GirlN/ASpelling quirk = cracks knuckles
Air Spelling GirlN/ASpelling quirk = spells words in the air
JudgeN/ADistrict Spelling Bee/State Bee Judge
TV AnnouncerN/AAt the National Spelling Bee
PronouncerN/AGives words at Spelling Bees
PhotographerN/AAt the State Bee
Bee ClerkN/AAt the District Spelling Bee
Foxy FayN/ARadio DJ
DJ RuleN/ARadio DJ


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