Moses Lake Police (MLPD) now say witnesses were invaluable in helping them locate and apprehend a Centralia man accused of assaulting a woman on Monday (April 5).

Officers say Brandon Jones, 26, and the victim had apparently gone to a motel in Moses Lake and he allegedly began assaulting and beating her.

Just after that incident, several witnesses had seen him pull the victim by her hair, push her into a vehicle, and hit her before driving away. MLPD Officers said witnesses kept the vehicle in sight, and their help was invaluable in helping them eventually locate the car in the 1000 block of N. Stratford Road.

Jones had apparently driven into town after the hotel beating, and then more witnesses not only saw the renewed assault, but they intervened. Two men stepped in to protect the woman, and according to Officers, they "beat up" Jones.

When Officers arrived to the scene and made the arrest, the physical marks on Jones were evident; the two men had apparently worked him over pretty well. Police noted a lot of marks on his face. Officers did not comment further on the citizen intervention.

After his arrest Jones compounded his issues by threatening to kill the Officers, then despite being handcuffed, managed to drop his pants and "defecate" (poop) in the back of the patrol unit.

He's now in the Grant County Jail, and from the MLPD, here's a list of the charges he is now facing:

"Unlawful Imprisonment, Assault, Felony Threats, Malicious Mischief and a Department of Corrections warrant for an underlying charge of possession of images of minors engaged in sexually explicit activities."

Seeing as he is originally from Centralia, Officers did not say what he was doing in Moses Lake.


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