The number of comments on social media about the Minit Mart CLOSING FOREVER at 27th and Olympia is truly amazing. So many have childhood memories of walking to that store for candy and a pop. The folks who ran the Minit Mart in Kennewick for 35 years had a very rough go of things during covid, and even with things slowly coming back around to normal, the recovery is such that they felt now was a good time to retire. The overly friendly greetings and the unusual selection of novelty items made the Minit Mart unlike any convenience store around.

Rumors are rampant as to what next for that location, but there is often at least some truth in a rumor. Some folks on social media are saying that the building has been sold to a new owner who will run the place just as before. Others are sure that a larger Circle K is in the works and the old building will be torn down. When I was growing up in Butte, Montana, Circle K was my 'Minit Mart'. These days, as with the new Circle K in West Richland on Bombing Range, Circle K doesn't mess around with tiny, little stores. Lots of gas pumps and a bright clean store is what you can expect if Circle K does take over that location. And after selling several stores to Circle K, I hear that Sun Mart is going to start adding locations in the Tri-Cities again. I hope they have that mini-marble-pellet-like ice dispenser!!


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