According to reports this week, area middle schools are seeing out-of-town games affected by a lack of bus drivers.

Forget COVID, or smoky air...some students are not getting to play because there are no drivers available to pilot the bus to GET them there.

According to KEPR TV and school district officials, Pasco School District this week had to cancel all middle school soccer and football away games because of no way to get the kids there.

Besides inter-city contests, many of the middle schools also travel to Hermiston, and some have trips to play Pioneer and Garrison MS in Walla Walla.

The Athletic Directors at Highlands, Desert Hills, Chinook, Park, and Horse Heaven Hills in Kennewick; McGloughlin, Stevens, and Ochoa in Pasco; Enterprise, Chief Jo, and Carmichael in Richland are meeting to adjust the schedules of games so there will be more drivers available.

This shortage is partially affecting one of our daughter's middle school football games. She plays on the Highland Middle School team, and Thursday (9-23) they're taking on the Mustangs at Horse Heaven Hills. (yes, she and one other girl play football...she's the starting QB..and the other girl is a pretty good WR).

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Her schedule is highlighted in yellow it will be "drop-off" only, parents need to provide ride home."  The kids on the team were told it was due to not having a driver available after 5:30 PM. The game is at 4, and they usually last at least an hour and a half, even two.

It's not a problem for many parents when it's an away game in their city, but for others, it's more of a challenge. Some of the kids who walk home from practice at 4:30 daily due to parents working will now have to find a way to get from HHH close to Highlands near where they live.

Luckily, her first game against Armand LaRive in Hermiston had a bus driver for the trip down AND back last week.

IF you have CDL or other experience or are interested in becoming at least a part-time driver, contact the Transportation Department of your respective district.


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