October is upon us! Halloween is in the air! And at Applebee's it can be in your belly as well. Every month they offer a special adult beverage for $1, and this month it's a... ZOMBIE! That's right, in the spirit of Halloween Applebee's is offering a $1 Zombie. I LOVE these cheapo deals, and I have to say that when I have had their $1 beverage offerings before I have been pleasantly surprised. I thought they'd be watered down, or just not taste good, and I"m happy to say that I've loved them all!

So this Halloween season, I recommend popping over to your local Applebee's and refreshing your spooky soul with a $1 zombie! You'll probably see me there at the bar, debating the ins and outs of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World with a friend. That last part is an inside joke, but for real, you'll probably see me there. Happy Halloween!

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