Sunny skies, no wind and 18 holes of manicured, green golf course, what could go wrong? I golfed with my buddy Matt a few weeks ago at Columbia point, and I had a great time, but I couldn't help but notice Matt's, how can I put this, 'scoring method' Apparently in his book of golf, a score of six on any hole is a par. I thought things would be different on Sunday, as we played a round at Tri-City Country Club (thanks to Heather, Sid and Chris) Right out of the gate I knew it was going to be a long day. We stopped at the snack shack on the way out to our first hole. Matt ordered 5 beers, a sausage dog, 2 candy bars and some BBQ corn nuts, then fumbled around and claimed he had forgotten his wallet. When I suggested I could wait until he ran to his car and retrieve it, he said he was pretty sure it was at home. So I paid for the snacks and beer, which after paying for his stuff I had enough money for 1 beer and a salted nutroll candy bar. Let the games begin. It wasn't long before the bad golf started, hole number two to be exact. I hit a nice drive and popped it on the green, Matt hit water, so I thought. When we approached the wet stuff a miracle happened, some how Matt's ball was at least 6 feet from going in, and in the fare way, didn't see that coming. On number seven I hit a monster drive, I mean I crushed it, and Matt sliced his onto another fare way. Oddly enough we couldn't find my ball, so I had to drop one and hit again, taking a penalty stroke of course. Two holes later we're putting, and I notice Matt is using my lost ball, it's a miracle. He claimed he had no idea how the ball got into his golf bag, I have an idea. When it was all said and done, I shot ninety something, and Matt had a stellar day, shooting a 84. He offered to give me some lessons, I offered to give him some math lessons. Until next time Matt, if there is a next time, we're running out of courses that will allow Matt back.

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