Before everyone pounces on me for saying those cell phone Amber alerts are annoying, let me just say I've completely changed my tune after the incident which occured in Pasco WA last night.

My husband and I were out Christmas shopping last night when our phones in sync started alerting at first I thought is was a fire alarm at Fred Meyer then quickly realized it was yet another Amber alert. We checked our phones and to our surprise it was for Pasco. Checked the info and viewed the image of these precious little baby girls

Stacy Lee
Stacy Lee

What happened next was short of a miracle...

The Honda Civic stolen from a Pasco apartment complex at about 6:46 PM with two small children in the backseat has been recovered within ten blocks of the theft, with both children safe and sound still in their carseats. A sharp-eyed Pasco resident, Monyay Green, received the Amber Alert message on his phone as he was parking next to the Civic at Wendy's on Court Street, and promptly called police at about 8:12 PM. The suspect had abandoned the car, still running, and his identity is unknown. Anyone with information about this case is urged to call 545-3421 dayshift and 545-3510 evenings regarding case PP15-47455.

Thanks to the 'Annoying' Amber alert these two little angels are back safely in the arms of their family.

I will from now on never think the Cell Phone Amber alert system is annoying!

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