American Idol is returning for a new season in 2020, and from the look of a newly released trailer, the upcoming third season of the reboot on ABC is going to see the contestants and the judges experience some real emotional highs and lows.

Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie are all returning to the iconic reality singing competition in 2020, and the new trailer shows that Bryan, who has presented his usual affable, nice-guy persona in past years, is getting a little bit tougher with some of the contestants this time around.

"Trying to be a little more frank, a little more real," Bryan says in the sneak peek, which also shows him turning down several contestants — one of whom Perry offers the chance to sing for her life in front of a crowd of strangers who will ultimately decide her fate. Another of Bryan's "no" votes appears to frustrate her so much that she hurls a water bottle and storms off the set.

Other scenes show all three judges getting emotionally involved with some of the contestants who have profound backstories. They include a man who works as a garbage collector, who is trying to show his daughter that he can make it on the show, as well as a young lady from the projects whose mother went to jail when she was a child, but who still maintains a positive attitude in the face of adversity. She breaks down during her audition, and the judges console her.

"When you see these kids that come from the toughest of backgrounds, it's very emotional," Bryan admits in the clip.

The new season of American Idol is set to premiere on Feb. 16 on ABC.

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