A New Painted Mural Is Brightening Up Downtown Kennewick

If you've driven down East Columbia Drive in the last month or so, you can't but help notice an amazing mural that's coming alive on the side of the KIE building in Kennewick.


The Mural Has Lots Of Tri-Cities Easter Eggs Hidden Within

The mural is the work of a local artist. Heidi Elkington has been working on the mural for the last month.

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You could almost call it a love letter to the Tri-Cities. The mural was commissioned by KIE supply. KIE has been supplying the Tri-Cities area with plumbing products and supplies for decades, opening in 1955.

The Mural Is A Representation Of Life In The Tri-Cities

Artist Heidi Elkington told me that there are several easter eggs in the mural. Take a look at the gallery below and see if you can spot them all.

Sprawling New Kennewick Mural Is A Work Of Art

You can't miss this amazing mural that now adorns the KIE building on East Columbia Drive in Kennewick.

So how many did you find? There are three mountains representing Badger, Candy, and Rattlesnake Mountains.

You'll spot a skull that represents The Kennewick Man and you'll see both bridges from the Cable Bridge to the Blue Bridge.

The Sun represents how much sun we get here in the Tri-Cities and there are a lot more easter eggs in the mural if you hunt for them.


The mural is expected to be done over the next few weeks with a ribbon-cutting hopefully coming in the month of August.

The new Kennewick mural might be the longest lengthwise display of art in the Tri-Cities and it's pretty amazing.

If you get a chance, stop by and take photos. It really brightens up the neighborhood.

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