now has a physical address in Richland.

Amanda Bobbett's dreams are coming to fruition as the health and business coach opened her new store at 1022 Lee Boulevard on Friday.

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Amanda Bobbett-Facebook
Amanda Bobbett-Facebook


Amanda has a passion for freeing people from physical and financial pain by teaching her clients about the mind-body connection, how to properly hydrate, fuel, and supplement the body and support the mind with powerful tools and techniques that are sure to transform each and everyone she comes in contact with.

It's Bobbett's mission to help others live a life without pain, stress-free.

Weight loss, inflammation, and body pain can be addressed with natural therapies.

Amanda Bobbett-Youtube
Amanda Bobbett-Youtube

Stress causes pain, inflammation and more. We get stress from our environment, our thoughts, food, medications, etc.

Services offered at include:

Health coaching, red light therapy, hydrogen-oxygen therapy, mindset classes, yoga, and more are offered at the store.

Amanda is open 7 days a week.

Check out more from Amanda Bobbett's Facebook:

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