Adams County Deputies, and the Washington State Crime lab continue to investigate a gruesome discovery made Thursday near Othello.

The Sheriff's Department reported 28-year-old Mauricio Nava-Garibay has been arrested as a suspect in the death and dismemberment of two female victims.

New information has been brought to light about the case.

Around 6:30AM Thursday, Deputies responded to a complaint about an abandoned car, a 2014 Honda, sitting in the 2200 block of Charla Road, near the Edson tracks area by Othello.

Upon arrival officials noticed what appeared to be blood on the hood. Further investigation of the vehicle, according to court documents, indicated discovery of human flesh, body parts in the trunk and a human head on the rear floorboards. Authorities believe Garibay may have been in a relationship with one of the women. During an arguement he told investigators he stabbed and punched the woman inside the car inside a garage. Then when the second victim came in, he reportedly knocked her over, hitting her head on the concrete, then cut her neck.

Reportedly, the suspect said the two victims were too heavy to carry, so he dismembered them, put them in the vehicle, then drove away and abandoned the car. The investigation continues.

Officials say the women will not yet have their identities released. According to the information provided, one of the victim's heads might still be missing.

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