For film and TV fans, 2022 has been a year of high highs and low lows — and none lower than the losses of some of our favorite stars of the big and small screens. Since January, we’ve had to say goodbye to dozens of wonderful actors and actresses, including quite a few Hollywood legends and a fair number of Oscar and Emmy winners.

The list below pays tribute to those we’ve lost so far in 2022. It includes some of the most recognizable stars of movies and television of the last century. (You can also find longer tributes to nearly everyone on the list here.) It begins back in January with the death of iconic New Hollywood director (and frequent Sopranos guest star) Peter Bogdanovich, and it will be continually updated through the end of the year. Sure, death is a part of life. But that doesn’t make it any easier when it happens.

Actors Who Died in 2022

Here are the great movie and TV stars who have passed away this year.
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