Last nite I had the opportunity to go fishing with some....people. We fished until 12:30 this morning. Unlike other fisherman, I will give you the full details of our trip, and where to catch the big ones.

So, I'm sitting at home yesterday minding my own business, and the phone rings. It's a guy I know and he wants me to go fishing, because he knows I catch allot of fish. We meet up with some other folks, who want to go fishing with me also, they know about by fishing greatness. After we arrive at my secret location at Lost Lake in West Richland, we un-load the boat and head out into the darkness. I show the guys what lures and bait we will be using, poor buggers don't have a clue. Tonite will be a mixture of double knob cootie lures, and live crickets under a bobber, with about a 6 foot leader. Long story short, as much as I tried to help the fellas catch a fish, they just weren't gettin' it. So enjoy the photo of my 14 pound monster I caught trolling a piece of beef jerky(teriyaki) on a size 6 hook, our little secret. Good fishing to you.

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