I was watching TV yesterday when an old episode of The Brady Bunch came on and I immediately went back to my younger days. I would get home from school at about 3:30 and throw my books on my bed and head to the kitchen to make two pieces of toast with butter and ketchup (I learned it from my Uncle Rob) and turn on the TV to watch The Brady Bunch.

After The Brady Bunch I would head outside to play with the neighbor kids--no video games, no cell phones, no iPads. We had bikes, footballs, basketballs or even sticks to play with.

If I went to the park to play football with the gang, I had to be home by 5 for dinner or I got grounded. I was grounded a lot and ate many cold dinners. But the dinners I did make were the best times of my life: together with the family talking about the day.

My sister Carla counting out peas on her plate, she hated peas and mom told her she had to eat at least 10 peas. So she counted out 10 peas--no more, no less. I use to hide food I didn't like in my Tupperware cup; I would act like I was taking a drink and deposit the contents into the cup and throw it away later. But one night my dad looked in my cup and saw some half-eaten sweet potatoes. Two things happened after that. I had to sit at the table and eat two helpings of yams, and from then on I drank from a glass, not Tupperware. Dinner was pot pies, fishsticks, fried taters, Spanish rice and always a vegetable.

It's funny how watching an old show on TV can take you back and push good memories to the front of the line. What show did you watch as a kid that takes you back in time?

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