Unless you're willfully ignorant . . . you've heard how dangerous it is to talk on your cell phone while you're driving.  Experts say it can be even more dangerous than driving drunk.

--Well, a study from the University of Kansas just found the one occasion where it's actually SAFER to drive and talk on your phone.

--Researchers found that when you're doing a long, boring drive, it's SAFER to get on the phone toward the end of the drive.

--In the study, they found that people who'd been driving for hours on flat, boring monotonous roads started losing concentration toward the end of the drive.

--By talking on the phone, it actually makes your brain wake up and it keeps you sharper.  That extra concentration more than makes up for the distraction.

--Paul Atchley led the study.  He says, quote, "The takeaway message is that it's almost always dangerous to talk and drive, but there might be some limited situations where cellular technology can improve safety."

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