Lots of lightning strikes are expected this evening as thunderstorms roll across northeastern Oregon and along the edge of the Blue Mountains in Washington. But how many times have you heard on the news that a fire was human-caused? I'm not talking about arson here. There are lots of ways we accidentally start what turns out to be a multi-hundred-acre fire, or worse.

  1. Smoking. Hopefully, you carry a 'butt bottle' filled half with water in your car.
  2. Campfires.
  3. Burning garbage or yard waste.
  4. Fireworks. I live in West Richland, so you know I'll be hosing down my roof on the 4th!
  5. Riding ATVs or cars over dry grass. Just as dangerous when parked hot.
  6. Railroad sparks.
  7. Sparks from construction equipment.
  8. Leaving broken glass on the ground.
  9. Chains dragging from vehicles.

As temperatures are expected to stay in the triple digits this week, the risk of starting a fire grows.

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