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I have been a fan of Star Wars my whole life. (Yes, I went to "A New Hope" in theaters when I was a kid & I know that dates me now). With the new trailer being released, I want to share some theories about the story that I have had for a long time that I feel are confirmed by the new trailer. Here are 8 bold Last Jedi predictions for the story and the answers to who these characters actually are.

  • 1

    Luke is Scared..Why?

    (Luke) I am not afraid.

    (Yoda) You will be...you will be.

    Luke is scared just like his mentor Yoda told him he would be on Dagobah...of Vader and his power. That is what Luke is referring too in the trailer when he says.."I've see this raw strength only once before. It didn't scare me enough then, it does now". He is talking about Rey also, which brings me to the next point...

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    Rey is Another "Chosen One" Like Anakin

    Rey is another chosen one. Not Anakin, but exactly the same. She is not related to any of the Skywalkers but wields the same power that the most infamous member of the family...Darth Vader. That is why she managed to survive by herself as a girl, can understand machines like Anakin, and why she is more powerful then Kilo Ren without any training.

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    The Journal of the Whills

    This is the Journal of the Whills. It is an ancient book written by Force-sensitive shaman that predated the Jedi and Sith. It will give clues to the answers Rey is looking for. The first passage that was listed from the book might hold clues to who she is and how to beat Snoke.

    First comes the day
    Then comes the night.
    After the darkness
    Shines through the light.
    The difference, they say,
    Is only made right
    By the resolving of gray
    Through refined Jedi sight.“

    ―Journal of the Whills, 7:477

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    Yes, Snoke is Darth Plagueis

    I have thought this for a long time, along with most fans on the internet. I believe Snoke is the ancient Sith Lord Darth Plagueis that Emperor Palpatine talks about to Anakin in Episode 3. He is talking about his own mentor that he brags about killing in his sleep after learning his secrets. He also says he found a way to "cheat death" causing Anakin to turn to the dark side to learn that power.

    I think Snoke was not killed, but almost killed and kept in suspension until Palpatine died. Snoke managed to then break free and take control of the surviving Empire. Snoke also seems to have less scaring and damage then we see him in The Force Awakins and I believe there is a good explanation for that...

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    Snoke is a Force Vampire

    I think Snoke sucks the living force out of Jedi & Sith to stay alive. This is the secret that Palpatine was talking about although he could not do it. After Snoke breaks out, he is still damaged from what Palpatine did to him but over time he is healing. He could be feeding on Kilo Ren to recharge and I think it explains how he seems healed from when we first saw him.

    I think he has been looking for Luke to suck the life force from him and become complete again. That is what I think he is doing to Rey in the screenshot from the trailer..sucking her force power.

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  • 6

    This Will Be a Popular Christmas Toy

    This is a porg. Soon everyone will want one. This cute character is the new friend of Chewbacca and is already capturing the hearts of fans everywhere.

    Disney marketing at its finest! Buy one now because your kids are going to want one for Christmas! Yes they already have a moving & talking stuffed animal available now.

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  • 7

    Finn Will Be Captured at the End

    Finn is dressed in First Order cloths in the trailer, and I think it is because he is part of an infiltration strike team to carry out the plan to save their base when the First Order attacks. He fights with Phasma, but is ultimately captured so he can be saved by Rey in Episode 9.

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  • 8

    Kylo Ren Saves His Mom

    In the trailer they want you to think he kills his mom (Princess Leia) and then brings Rey to the dark side.

    I think that he bring himself to kill her and actually saves her. Although he does not return with her and drops her off. The scene where she is looking out from a huge door sadly is after he leaves to return to Snoke. If Kylo Ren returns to the light, it will only be at the very end...just like his mentor Darth Vader.

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