Laura Dunbar fell asleep in a chair at home around 5 p.m. on Dec. 21. She says a man and two young boys climbed through her window and woke her by tying her up with duct tape and covering her head with a pillowcase.

The three ran through her home for half an hour stealing a safe and two guns (.22 revolver and .380 Ruger semiautomatic). Once they were gone the 73-year-old chewed through the tape to free herself and call police, who found her with blood dried on her mouth and cuts on her hands. They took her to the hospital for a heart condition.

The police, believing they knew who did it, matched footprints in Dunbar's home with pairs found outside the home of two young brothers, ages 12 and 14, under investigation for other incidences. Parked out front was a vehicle containing Dunbar's property.

Inside the home they found a third person, 21-year-old Eric Rosas, who was arrested along with the brothers.

Benton County Prosecutors want to try the young brothers as adults.

Rosas plead innocent. The 12-year-old refused to answer questions until he had an attorney.


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