Total bummer that the 2021 Water Follies have been canceled. But there are so many other things to do down by the mighty Columbia River.

**Hunt for stolen vehicles that have been rolled into the river like this one.

**Try paddleboarding. First-timers are hilarious. (Be sure to post the video!)

**Buy 100 cans of Flex Seal and see if you really can make a screen door into a boat.

** Put a can of compressed air in your swim trunks and wade waist-deep. You know what to do from there.

**The new beach at Columbia Point is fun. So are remote-controlled shark fins.

**Hang out at the Columbia Park boat launch warning everyone that they're gonna need a bigger boat.

**Set up your camp table, chairs, and giant cooler and wait for someone to tell you the boat races have been canceled. Then act like THEY'RE THE CRAZY ONE.



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