You've probably read many times that the Honda Accord and Honda Civic are among the top 2 vehicles that are the most stolen in the United States. And it's the same in Washington State. Usually 1992 Honda Accords and 1995 Honda Civics, for whatever reason. I would think that at least in one of those vehicles, you have a better chance of getting away if you're being chased. A better chance than if you're driving a bus anyway. That's why I can't understand why this man stole a bus and took police on a 60-mile high-speed chase across Grant County! It wasn't even a cool bus, just your standard transit authority bus. The only way I'd feel comfortable doing that is if Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock were driving. Oh yes, they had to throw down the spikes to finally stop the guy. And then he drove about another half mile on a flat tires! He was a 62 year old man who told police he was just trying to get home. Maybe next time go for the Civic or Accord.



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