We set the clocks ahead yesterday.  If you forgot, well you'll be an hour late all day.  And if you remembered . . . well, you probably feel like tried.

According to a new survey, about 61% of Americans say they SIGNIFICANTLY feel the effects of losing that hour of sleep.  And the worst day is TODAY, when you HAD to wake up at a specific time for work.

About 40%of people say it will take them this ENTIRE WEEK to get adjusted. That's one reason why today has been dubbed "National Nap Day".  Napping Day, is an unofficial holiday created in 1999 by now-retired Boston University professor William Anthony and his wife, Camille, to help people adjust to Daylight Saving Time.

After losing an hour of sleep by setting clocks forward, many in the workforce will drag through the day on Monday; hence the need for a power nap. Read more here:

Assuming the government isn't going to get rid of Daylight Saving Time, what would make the time change smoother?

A separate survey found 70% of people think it should be moved from 2:00 A.M. Sunday to 2:00 A.M. Saturday.  At least then we'd get an extra weekend day to try to get adjusted. (USA Today)