If you're a guy and you've still got your hair . . . or a woman who doesn't understand why going bald is such a big deal to men . . . maybe these statistics will give you a clue. 

I tried Rogaine and other supposed miracle hair growth products and finally gave in and shaved it all off.  Honestly I think (my wife too) I look younger as a bald guy. Plus, it's easy to take care of with limited expense - just shaving cream and razors.  If I were to let my hair grow you would see a bald spot on the top and salt and pepper gray hair on the sides - not quite Bozo the clown - but close.   Check out these numbers from a new survey on baldness.

13% of bald men say when they first started feeling truly bald it affected their relationship.


4% take it even further . . . and say they went TEMPORARILY INSANE when they lost their hair.


25% of bald men would give up a pay raise this year to get their hair back . . . 17% would give up sex for a year . . . 36% would give up their favorite football team . . . and 38% would give up alcohol for a year.


23% would, quote, "give up their mother-in-law" to get their hair back.  We're not entirely sure what that means.

And finally, 10% of bald men would give up a year of their life to get their hair back. I think that's crazy!  Read more from Daily Mail.

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