All of Washington State passes were closed over the weekend and now several of those passes are reopening today. 

Are Washington Mountain Passes Open Today?

Washington State Department Of Transportation posted several updates this morning on which passes are open. According to WA DOT's Twitter, Snoqualmie and Blewett Passes are now open with White Pass set to open up today.

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WA DOT said that Snoqualmie and Blewett Passes are open with a strict 45 mile an hour speed limit and the DOT are requesting that if you don't have to travel over the next few days, don't.

If you do have to travel be aware that trucks will be plenty as trucks hauling loads have been sidelined and stuck on the eastside of these passes.

What's The Speed Limit Through The Washington State Mountain Passes?

We've compiled over 30 photos showing just how snowed in the passes are and where the road crews are continuing to clear the snow and ice out of the way.

30 Amazing Photos Of Washington State Passes Snowed In

Check out 30 photos of Washington State passes snowed in

If you do have to travel over the passes, know before you go. Washington State DOT has some amazing interactive pass cameras and maps that'll show what's open and what's closed - take a look at the maps here

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