St. Patrick's Day is this Monday. And even though it's a weekday, apparently
every single one of us plans on getting HAMMERED anyway.
According to a new survey, 97% of Americans plan to celebrate in one way or another. Check out seven more things the survey found.
1. The average person will spend $35.
2. 41% of us will be going to a party or a bar, and 30% will celebrate with family.
3. 20% plan on going to a St. Patrick's Day parade.
4. Only 5% will be going to a St. Patrick's Day office party.
5. 50% of people say they'll be drinking beer, 19% will be drinking hard liquor, and 9% said
they'll drink BOTH.
6. Guinness is the most popular beer on St. Patrick's Day, followed by Budweiser, Miller Light,
Coors Light, Sam Adams, and Heineken. And 49% plan to drink GREEN beer.
7. One-third of people say they'll annoyingly attempt a lame Irish accent.


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