Cue the outrage! Reactions to the 2018 CMA Awards nominations promise to be swift and definitive, and on the surface there's plenty to talk about. Garth Brooks is noticeably missing after winning Entertainer of the Year in 2017. Eric Church was shut out, women in country music aren't very well represented ...

The Male Vocalist and New Artist categories are particularly ripe with surprises, and the Entertainer of the Year nominees will stir the most snubbed reaction on Twitter. But here's a key question to ask before getting mad that your favorite artist is missing: Were they snubbed, or did they sort of take a year off?

If you believe the CMA Awards should reflect the last year, then there's not nearly as much to be mad about in 2018. If you believe an artist's legacy should secure them a spot every year, then yep, you're probably real ticked off about Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Church, Brooks, Blake Shelton and more getting pushed to the edges of the room. Who knows what will happen when the CMA Awards air at 8PM on Nov. 14 at 8PM ET?

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9 Snubs, Non-Snubs and Surprises Among CMA Awards Nominations:

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