If you grew up in Tri-Cities during the 1980s you shared some experiences younger people missed out on. I actually like Tri-Cities better NOW, but I still get nostalgic for:

  • The Colliseum
  • Outdoor playlands at McDonalds
  • Super aggressive seagulls
  • Baseball card shops in the Uptown and off Kennewick Ave and 395
  • Pride in the Mushroom Cloud
  • Big Letter R on Badger Mountain
  • Concerts at the Fingernail
  • VHS rental stores with a XXX Restricted Section
  • Animatronic elves in the mall at Christmas time
  • The Bon Marche
  • Red Robin on George Washington Way
  • Water treatment plant at the gateway to Richland
  • Tri-Cities Soccer Association with patches on the white shorts
  • Bicycle Rodeos put on by police at the elementary schools
  • Crawl space under the Chuck E. Cheese animatronics
  • Roy's Chuck Wagon Buffet
  • Urban legends about the family on top of Thompson Hill
  • rusted car bodies driven off Jump Off Joe
  • a journal hidden under a pyre of rocks on top of Candy Mountain
  • the kiva in the old Richland Public Library
  • winning goldfish at The Christ The King Sausage Fest
  • Sunday buffets at The Red Lion
  • salad bars or chili and cinnamon rolls for school lunch
Garbage Pail Kids Cards
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