Scrolling through Facebook yesterday, I noticed a listing for a cute little home in Richland. The ad doesn't say it's in Richland, but I can tell it is. Thousands of Hanford workers in the 1940s were put up in either a prefab home or one of the many government-built ABC Homes constructed in Richland. Many of these homes today are really nice looking, updated, and well maintained. Some, not so much, but this particular home in the ad was super cute, nicely updated, but has just 609 sq. ft. of living space. It sits on a .14 acre lot that looks like it needs some grass seed and a little water, but that's a nice big lot. Prefabricated homes like this were originally thrown together quickly, as America was at war and Hanford was a busy little beehive.  Thousands of workers and their families swarmed the area and needed homes quickly. These homes were not originally even meant to be permanent. Most were assembled with 8-foot sections and had 2x2 exterior walls.

Now back to our cute little prefab home listing on is listed for a whopping 265k and the comments about that fact are not kind on the Facebook group, Rentals and Homes for sale in Tri-Cities. We've all seen the memes of what 200k will buy in other places (a fairly decent house) and what it will buy in TC (a place barely suited for your dog to sleep). Folks are tired of this ridiculous real estate market and the end of it is not currently in sight. Granted, some folks are loving it, too.


797 Summit Street, Richland


Naoi Cailini Oga Estate



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