I've gone down a rabbit hole and I'm loving it. You can have celebrities from Washington State video message you!

There's a website called Cameo.com where you can get shout-outs, birthday greetings, anniversary accolades, and almost anything else you can think of from your favorite celebrities. It's all personalized for you.

It's a pretty awesome website and somedays I'll spend hours just looking at all the celebrities that you can get for your special occasion.

I wish this website was around when my wife and I got married.

The cool thing is that there is plenty of Washington State celebs on the website and we've compiled 15 of our favorite Washingtonians that could send you a message today!

15 Washington State Celebrities That'll Message You Right Now!

Ever wanted to hear from your favorite celebrity? We've found 15 Washington State celebrities that'll message you right now on video!

It's a pretty cool list and you can also link to each of the celebrities in their photo on our gallery.

You could spend all day on the website like I do or take the shortcut in our gallery to get your favorite Washington celebrity to send you a video message!

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