If you are new to the Tri-Cities or a long-time resident of the Columbia Basin, there are several Facebook groups you might want to check out that are worth joining.

Tri-Cities Has Several Facebook Group Options For All Different Interests

Social Media can be helpful and one place to look for help is Facebook groups.

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No matter where you live, there are plenty of groups on Facebook to check out. We've compiled 10 groups that are quite helpful if you are a Tri-Cities resident.

We've Compiled 10 Of The Best Tri-Cities Facebook Groups For You To Check Out

We've got you covered from garage sales, yard sales, lost pets, bad driving/parking, and even a great Ask Tri-Cities group that can handle most of your questions

10 Tri-Cities Facebook Groups That You Won't Regret Joining

Looking for a Tri-Cities Facebook group to hang out with? Here are 10 groups that are helpful to be a part of in the Tri-Cities

Besides those above-mentioned 10 Facebook Tri-Cities groups, there are still plenty of groups to check out on Facebook.

Whatever Your Interests, Facebook Has A Tri-Cities Group For You

Some of the best groups to check out are "You Know You're From The Tri-Cities" and "All About The Tri-Cities".

The good news is that there are several groups for any kind of interest that you have. Tri-Cities Facebook groups have got you covered.

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