A PowerBall winner can score $100M and a MegaMillions winner can score $61M right now. The funnest part of winning Washington's Lottery would be sharing it.

Sure, I'd get a new house, boat and car, but driving around seeing people's faces when I share my millions with them would be the best part. Here are 10 groups (out of many) I'd be sure to write some of those big cardboard checks to and deliver myself.

There are many more fantastic places I'll have to mention in a later blog!

  • 1

    Benton-Franklin Humane Society

    I love dogs! I have three of them. Besides helping the humane society I'd also support the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter.

  • 2

    2nd Harvest Food Bank

  • 3

    The Union Gospel Mission

    New facility coming soon! A lot of services available for men but more and more started all the time for women and families. This is one of many organizations helping the homeless and others down on their luck.

  • 4

    The Arc of Tri-Cities

    The Arc helps so many people in different ways. Events, services, programs and more to help families. And I'd also support Special Olympics of Washington for sure.

  • 5

    American Red Cross Benton & Franklin County

    We all think of them as the blood bank, but whenever a family is displaced by fire or flooding, they're there. They do great work.

  • 6

    My Friend's Place

    How terrible would it be to face homelessness or an uncomfortable situation at home... and be a teenager? My Friend's Place gives kids a safe place to go to figure things out.

  • 7

    Pasco Eagle's

    All of the local Fraternal Order of Eagles chapters do great work and all of the Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions Club and Toastmaster's chapters as well. All deserve support. I'm singling out Pasco Eagles because I've met some of them at events I've hosted.

  • 8

    Columbia Industries

    They used to clean our offices. We loved them. Fantastic group. I'd also help Goodwill and similar organizations.

  • 9

    Camp Patriot

    If all you do is read about them in the news you'll hear great things. But if you know any of the people involved, you'll be even more impressed.

  • 10

    Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation

    Susan G. Komen, Warrior Sisterhood, and many more organizations are worthy of financial support. I'd do my best to help all of them. Since prevention is key and early diagnosis saves lives, we can make a big impact by helping people get screened and to live healthy.

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