Summer's here and the sun is bright...lot's of people have to deal with the dreaded SUNBURN here are some natural remedies thanks to my friends at Tri-Cities Granola Clan...


I can't vouch that these actually work but they sound legit!

  1. Growing up in Florida, we'd soak brown paper (usually torn grocery bags) in vinegar and place that like a poultice on the sunburn. Aloe gel is good too.
    Loose Cotton T-shirts *turned inside out * so the seams won't rub the burn help too. If you sweat, rinse it off gently, or the salt will increase the pain and itch. Tepid water. Try not to get a chill. Sunburned goosebumps hurt!
  2. Aloe with Lidocaine
  3. Try fresh tomatoes 🍅 cut them in slices and apply them on the Burnt spots... works great...
  4. Put tea soaked rags on your burns
  5. Colloidal Silver!
  6. Shower with vinegar then aloe then lavender with coconut oil
  7. Fresh aloe Vera gel mixed with vitamin e. Cool wet towels to stop the burning.
  8. Witch hazel with Aloe
  9. Vitamin e oil! It keeps you moisturized so you don't peel, relieves the sting from the dry skin.
  10. Aloe and lavender oil help so well...with a little splash of peppermint oil...


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