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Hot Pasco Cop Drives the Locals Wild
There's a fun new social media fad going around lately. People will take four pictures of themselves and caption them with LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder.
If that doesn't mean much to you, I'll break it down a bit. For the professional networking site LinkedIn, you would use…
NFL Star Sends Vietnam Vet to Super Bowl
"I guide others to a treasure I cannot possess."
The words of Avengers Infinity War's Stonekeeper (Red Skull) seem to ring true for Jarvis Landry. Despite a disappointing second season in Cleveland, Landry is playing in his fifth-straight Pro Bowl this weekend...
Winter Storm Could Bring More Rain This Week
We've had a very interesting winter this year. It's about to get even more unusual. A couple of weeks ago, we got quite a bit of snow. It stuck for a while, led to hundreds of car accidents, then went on its way. This week, the snow has sent rain in its stead...
Was Bigfoot Spotted on WA Highway?
Well, legend has it that Washington has the most Bigfoot "sightings" in the country. But, how often is a government agency stoking that fire?
A shadowy humanoid figure was seen on WSDOT East's camera that is dedicated to Sherman Pass.
So, what is it...

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